The ISIS Threat: The Rise of the Islamic State and their Dangerous Potential

This collection of data from a variety of important sources brings to light the true threat of the so-called Islamic State. Information from military advisors, journalists, Congressional Hearings, and the President of the United States are compiled to provide a clear picture of ISIS’ dangerous global potential.
As we see in the words of Congresswoman Michelle Bachman:
“They have declared that they are at war with the United States….
They have a leader in Baghdadi. They have already conquered territory, about half of Iraq, about half of Syria….
They have made absolutely breathtaking strides in their short tenure of advancement. So they have land. They have a name. They have a leader. They have a government. It is known as shari’a law. That is Islamic law…..
They have an army. Twelve thousand, presumably, are in the Islamic State Army, and brutal they are–beheadings, women raped, men beheaded, innocent children shot in the head. It is absolutely devastating.
We see Christians have been chased out of the Middle East region…..The Christians have been chased repeatedly out of Iraq. They are being chased out of the Baghdad area. They have been chased certainly out of northern Iraq and western Iraq, as Jews were chased out long ago. Now, in Syria, we hear the horrific stories of Christians who have been killed and murdered and beheaded simply because they name the name of Jesus Christ. Jews have been slaughtered and beheaded simply because they name the name of their God.
Is there any greater intolerance than the intolerance that has been shown repeatedly, brutally, lethally, by the Islamic State against Jews and Christians, and, yes, Muslims whom they disagree with.”


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