treasure_chest_woodcutWe’re making an effort to publish some great classic books in LARGE PRINT editions.
Large print books are for EVERYONE.  They are so much more approachable than that minuscule stuff!
Kids, especially, will read much more challenging works if the text looks less daunting.
Frankenstein is fit for a fifth grader if only the text is printed clearly.

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  1. Thank you for liking my post: I’m Not Going Back. Please follow my blog, lorenddavis.wordpress.com. It would mean the world to me. Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks for liking my post! Jules Verne in large print would be delightful! I think the tiny print in these classics turns my kids off of books that they would normally love.

  3. Thank you for liking my “Victoria’s Secret Bathtub”. I wish you the best in getting more books out in large print. I may not benefit from those NOW, but I may in the future. *S*

  4. You are new to my blog, but you are near to my heart! I have complained to a variety of bloggers, on WordPress, that they are using the posting format that results in a small, almost unreadable font. I try to instruct them in the ways of the larger font. Many have switched! So much on the internet is in this smaller, and grayer, font these days. It really angers me. Do you know, does it use less bandwidth as opposed to normal sized, black font? Because, I just don’t understand why they’re going smaller and grayer! Keep up the good work. — YUR

  5. Thank you for reading and liking my blog “good fences make good neighbours”. (www.katiefurlong.wordpress.com) If you would like to see more life stories please follow my blog. Great idea about the large print books! The senior citizen in my blog would benefit from a product like that as he is going blind from his diabities.

  6. Thank you very much for liking my post “The First Names – Lily Buhl-Keeling. Very much appreciated.

    Keep up the good work. Large print (and plenty of white space) is certainly better for my eyes!!

  7. Thank you for visiting me and “liking” the piece about Quakers in the Movement to Abolish Slavery. I appreciate your attention to sharing Black History novels . Happy collecting! I look forward visiting again.

  8. Great and worthy project. Applause applause! And yet another reason I love my Kindle and my other tablet. I can make the font as big as I need it. As for those having trouble reading the computer sites, Control + will make everything larger. Keep hitting Control + until it is the size that suits your eyes. And Control – to make it smaller.

  9. No tiny print is a well worthwhile project, fantastic!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, it’s such fun to meet so many people doing interesting things!

  10. Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my post on jungle themed birthday. It gave me the chance to have a look at your commendable work. Large print classics is such a great idea for children and elders alike.

  11. Thank you for likings 1st post! I’m still working on the site, but at least it’s started. You have a wonderful idea. I know I will need large print as I age! Love the classics. Keep up the good work!

  12. Thanks for the like on my post, I hope you enjoy it, I’ve got my first book review post that’ll go up tomorrow morning!

    • Thank you! I hope you are able to find some books that work for your eyes. Amazon does have a Large Print section with over 100,000 books.
      Best wishes for your surgery! 🙂

    • You got company. I had one done, but he did it wrong. I can read without glasses but can’t see distance. Need the other done now, but not by him. lol It is so bad I am blind in that eye. Need to find a new surgeon for distance, lol

  13. Thanks for Liking my new Blog – you’re my first liker! Mind you I’ve only been on air for i hour!
    PS. I love designing Books! – Page Layout Etc!

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